Get your “Best Chance” for landing a great job in Australia

The Best Chance program is being launched by Inject and it aims at providing Migrants land their first job opportunity in Australia.

Best Chance – applying for jobs

  • Resume and cover letter review and rewriting
  • Interview tips and coaching
  • How to conduct yourself with recruiters and prospective employers
  • Advice on salary expectations and negotiations

Best Chance – Coaching on speaking English in Australia

  • How to pronounce vowel, consonants and syllables correctly
  • Becoming familiar with the Australian rhythm and pace
  • Adapting your accent to communicate clearly with an Australian audience
  • Learning about Australian culture, etiquette and expressions

We hope you have found our article useful. If you would like to know more about giving yourself the Best Chance for success in finding your dream job, please get in touch with Inject today!