The one mistake that hinders new migrant’s resume to be looked at

What would happen if you were the most qualified candidate for a job, but the decision maker was not even choosing to look at your resume?

This might sound ridiculous or even unfair – but it is happening every day. Too often candidates from overseas make simple errors in applying for jobs in Australia. These new migrants who are keen to secure their dream job down under may be perfectly capable, but they have not invested the right time and energy into learning how the job market works locally.

Did you know that:

  • Migrants will often not acclimatise their applications to Australia and therefore may be excluded if the role requires interacting with locals
  • The manner in which people from overseas approach written text may come across as offensive in some cases to hiring managers in Australia
  • Many overseas candidates will copy their friend or family member’s approach to applications, therefore repeating the same mistakes they have made

These and many more issues are seen on a daily basis by people new to Australia. The time and money lost on ineffective job applications is astounding. I hear from Uber drivers a lot of the time that they “can’t get their foot in the door”. Many will state that the job market is too tough in Australia. These people are highly educated, well qualified individuals. There is nothing wrong with driving an Uber, but for many people this is not what they came to Australia for and may end up being the extent of their working career here.

So why does this happen?

In Australia, for most companies it is not just about completing the tasks. Whilst Australia is a beautiful multicultural country and we celebrate diversity, different cultures and of course, the delicious types of cuisine brought from overseas! There are certain cultural norms that are expected from all people, regardless of their background. The majority of Australian companies value the ability to relate to co-workers, respect cultural norms and maintain strong working relationships.

If you don’t get your cover letter right, they may not even view your resume at all! This is the first impression you are providing. You have enough time to properly craft the right cover letter, so why shoot yourself in the foot at this initial stage?

Here are some tips:

  • Always ensure you are gender-neutral with your greeting. Referring to “sir” on its own implies you don’t believe women can hold positions of power.
  • People from overseas can come across as not being genuine in how they write. The truth is Australia is more important than over-inflating your experience and abilities.
  • Be friendly with your tone, but avoid being what is considered “over the top”. For instance, the over-use of exclamation marks (!) can put hiring managers off
  • Avoid copying the greetings from your friends such “greetings of the day!” or referring to the company as “your esteemed organisation”. Understand that people in Australia (no matter your ethnic origin) do not communicate this way.
  • Have someone who has strong English proof read your letter! Not your friend who says their English is “good” when it isn’t. You need someone who is a native speaker or highly fluent.

We hope you have found our article useful. If you would like to know more about giving yourself the Best Chance for success in finding your dream job, please get in touch with Inject today!