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Bank Account and TFN

New country, new currency hence new back account!

You as a new Australian immigrant you will bring your home currency and get it exchanged with Australian currency which Australian Dollar (AUD). But you will not feel safe to keep all the cash with you. Therefore, you must need an Australian bank account to deposit your cash ASAP and use plastic money (debit/credit card) for daily expenses. It may sound complex in the beginning as Australian banking system may seem indifferent to you.

What if you get your bank account ready to be used before you even enter Australia? Yes, it is possible and Help Connect Australia makes it easier too for you. We can provide all information about various Australian banks. Just contact our team and have a chat over various banking options in Australia. Upon selection of bank of your interest you need to provide the required documents (signed/unsigned) so that we can apply for your bank account in Australia. And as soon as you accommodate safely, you will receive your bank debit card at your postal address.

Deposit your cash in your account and commute safely.

You also need TFN or Tax File Number to apply for jobs in Australia. Upon successful job interview you may be asked to provide few documents and TFN is one of them. For tax lodgment you need TFN and more over you need to link your TFN to your bank account as well.
Do not worry!

We can apply for your TFN at ATO (Australian Tax Office) and your TFN will reach your mail box. Just keep it safe as it is an important official document.

You can avail these hassle free services at nominal fee. For further information contact Help Connect Australia.

Medicare Services

Medicare is the basis of Australia’s health care system and covers health care costs. Australian government provides Medicare services to Australian citizens and permanent residents. Under Medicare scheme every eligible person is treated without any obligation.

Help Connect Australia can help you apply for Medicare services so that you are well prepared to face any unforeseen medical condition.

Contact us today so that we can help you get your Medicare card ASAP. We will provide the check list of documents required for Medicare services.

After receiving the documents, our team will lodge your application without.

Avail this hassle-free service at affordable fees.


Commuting in a new country can be an overwhelming task. Every country has its own network of trains, buses and airplanes. If we talk about transporting on daily basis then you better need to be aware of various types of costs associated to it.

Either you can purchase your own vehicle or choose to commute via public transport.

Help Connect Australia can provide you information about various car and bike dealers so that you can opt the best suitable for you and your pocket.

Travelling by public transport can also be expensive at sometimes.

For an example - PTV or Public Transport Victoria is a legal authority that manages Victoria’s public transport (train, bus and tram) services. You need buy a MyKi Card and top it up with money to commute across Victoria. There are MyKi card and concession schemes for various groups. It can be expensive if you do not apply for concession cards you are eligible for.

Help Connect Australia can help you find and apply the right concession card based on your eligibility criteria and hence saving you a lot of money in long term.

Let’s have a chat and help you enjoy all the benefits you deserve,Call us at 042 578 5008 to see how Help Connect Australia can make your transition into Australia smooth and enjoyable!


With a strong belief in rising above with the help of education and a commitment to developing young minds in the local community for future advancements, Help Connect Australia provides education and training opportunities for young people.

These education and training opportunities at the developmental age, can help them to make a start in the right direction. By providing a great learning experience along with a sneak peek into future career possibilities, our training services provide the exposure needed to learn more about widely available careers and to indulge in area of interests with an open mind and curiosity.

At Help Connect Australia, we understand that moving to a new country comes with its own challenges, with education of your child being one of them. We provide ongoing assistance so that you can provide the best Australian education to your child, with no compromise made to their future because of the moving circumstances. We value you and your future generations.

At Help Connect Australia, we comfort people by delivering best results.